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The island – Noirmoutier

The island of Noirmoutier is reachable withing 50 minutes. As you have decided to spend your holiday in Vendée, you must absolutely visit this gem of nature. By car: take towards Fromentine and the viaduct. Unless you want to take the famous Passage of Gois on foot or by bike. Follow the guide!

The island is 18 km long and 6 km wide in the north, for a perimeter of 50 km. The island is covered with a great variety of landschapes: it looks like the Mediterranean with pine trees and mimosas, it has a touch of Camargue thanks to the humid zones and the labyrinths of water, and a nearly northern charachter for the polders. Definitely a splendid island.

We recommend a family visit to the island. It offers a wide range of activities and sites to visit. Your day will be filled!

If you’re looking to know all about Noirmoutier, choose a guided visit of the island
With a professional guide,
by boat,
to see the birds…

To do with children:
Sealand Aquarium
Butterfly island
The Noirmout’train

To see
The museum of traditions of the island
The museum of the castle of Noirmoutier

Bays hidden from the winde and long fine sand beaches… don’t forget to bring your trunks!
The salt marshes cover a third of the island and are best to be visited in summer and at the beginning of autumn.
more information at the Tourist Information Office of Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier also stands for the Passage of Gois, a submerged road of 4,2 km, uncovered at low tide, linking the continent to the island of Noirmoutier. May be discovered on foot or by bike… Please be aware of the tides!

… The Bonnotte of Noirmoutier: a speciality of Noirmoutier…a small round potatoe. It grows in a kelp soil and is collected by hand at the beginning of May …!

… Oysters, mussels and clams! 95 ha of oyster farms, 1 700 tons of oysterr, 700 tons of mussels and 10 tons of clams: Noirmoutier is the second shellfish producer of the region! If you want to taste oysters, there are many possibilities on the island!

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